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CSDS Full Form, What does CSDS stand for? – Kunji

CSDS Full Form, What does CSDS stand for?

The Full form of CSDS

The full form of CSDS is the Center for Developing Societies, it is an essential research institute in India which contributes to social science research. The center is considered one of the most influential centers when it comes to the fields of humanities and social development in the nation. The institute was established back in 1963 by Rajni Kothari and is now funded by the ICSSR or Indian Council of Social Science Research. The institute is located in New Delhi and is in the vicinity of Delhi University (DU). Rajni Kothari was the director of the NICD or National Institute of Community Development, which he left to found the CSDS. The institute initially occupied a building owned by the IAEA or Indian Ault Education Association. Later in 1967, the institute moved to its current location.

 It is known to have a large library that initially began as a couple of bookshelves in the basement of the IAEA. It took 7 years to grow into a fully stocked library. Currently, it has approximately 29,000 books and 5,000 journals and reports contributing to social development. Moreover, the institute receives about 130 journals on a regular basis. The library has a large collection of books on Asian and African behaviors, arms and peace, sciences, environment, and even human rights.

The CSDS also has a Data Unit which is meant to collect data, and maintain a complete archive of the surveys collected for studying political behaviors over a span of 4 decades. They offer several courses relating to social sciences and political studies.

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