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ARDS Full Form, What does ARDS stand for? – Kunji

ARDS Full Form, What does ARDS stand for?

The Full form of ARDS

The full form of ARDS is Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. The ARDS is characterized by building up of fluid in the alveoli and inflammation of the lungs. Due to the fluid build-up, air is not filled in the lungs, resulting in less oxygen reaching the bloodstream, which eventually deprives the organs of the oxygen they need to function. As a result, the brain or the kidneys might not work as they are supposed to or might shut down. ARDS can be life-threatening sometimes, however, treatment and recovery are possible.

ARDS generally develops from some other health issue. People who are critically ill or have experienced significant injuries are more on the scale to have this illness triggered. Individuals who suffer formerly from sepsis (an infection of the bloodstream), breathing in harmful substances, massive blood transfusions or burns, or pneumonia, progress into ARDS.

Shortness of breath or dyspnoea is a major symptom of this illness, usually accompanied by low blood pressure, fast heartbeats, cough, fever, unusually fast breathing, blue-tinted lips or nails(due to lack of oxygen), exhaustion and chest pains while deep breathing.

Doctors need multiple tests to specify the disease since there are several conditions with similar symptoms. Risk factors of some ARDS developers include recent high-risk surgery, problems in genes, substance abuse like alcohol and tobacco, obesity, as well as chemotherapy. The severity of the syndrome depends on the age factor, often the risk of death increases with age. The survivors either make a complete recovery or endure damage to the lungs.

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