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NCERT Solutions for Glimpses of India Chapter 7 English Class 10 – Kunji

NCERT Solutions for Glimpses of India Chapter 7 English Class 10

Glimpses of India Chapter 7 English Class 10 NCERT Solutions

For class 10 English 1st Flight chapter 7: Glimpses of India (A Baker From Goa, Coorg & Tea From Assam) Updates for new academic session 2020-21.

Class 10
Subject English First Flight
Chapter 7 Glimpses of India- A Baker from Goa, Coorg a Tea from Assam

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Q1: What are the elders in Goa nostalgic regarding?

A: The elders in Goa were nostalgic regarding the good old Portuguese days their famous loaves of bread and  the Portuguese.

Q2: Is bread-making static famous in Goa? How do you know?

A: Yes, bread-making is still famous in Goa. The author says that the molders, mixers &  those who bake the loaves were stable present in Goa. The age-old, time-tested furnaces still existed. The ‘jingle’ and thud’ of the traditional baker’s shampoo, marking his arrival in the morning, could still be heard in some places.

Q3: What is the baker known?

A: The bakers are called as pandering Goa.

Q4: What does a ‘jackfruit-like appearance’ mean?

A: A ‘jackfruit-like appearance’ means a plump physique. Such a physique was linked to the bakers because they never clem. Baking was a profitable profession. The baker, his family & his servants always looked happy & prosperous & had a ‘jackfruit-like appearance’.

Q 5:Where is Coorg?

A: Coorg is the smallest district of Karnataka, located midway between Mangalore and Mysore.

Q6: What are the elders Goa nostalgic about?

A: The writer says that the eaters of loaves have left but the makers stable exists.The elders in Goa are nostalgic about the good old Portuguese days & their love bread and loaves. 

Q7 Is bread-making  still popular Goa? How do you know that?

A: Yes, bread making is still popular in Goa. This is very clear from the narrator’s statement that the eaters have gone far  leaving the makers behind.

Q8: Where were the monthly accounts of the baker record?

A: Monthly accounts of the baker were recorded on some wall in the house with a pencil.

Q9 Match the following.what is  a must:

i)As marriage gifts? cakes and bolinhas
(ii) for a party or a feast? sweet bread called bol
(iii) for a daughter’s engagement? bread
(iv) for Christmas? sandwiches


i) As marriage gifts? sweet bread called bol
(ii) for a party or a feast? bread
(iii) for a daughter’s engagement? sandwiches
(iv) for Christmas? cakes and bolinhas

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