NCERT Solutions Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 4 From the Diary of Anne Frank

NCERT Solutions for From the Diary of Anne Frank English First Flight Chapter 4 Class 10th

CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 4 From the Diary of Anne Frank Question Answers

NCERT Solution Class 10th English First Flight Chapter four -From the Diary of Anne Frank by Vedantu is an important study material. It is your one-stop solution for getting access to the best of resources for all types of important questions for the tests. These solutions are ready by expert teachers according to the CBSE board Guidelines. Download now NCERT Solutions for Class 10th  English First Flight Chapter four that will help you are ace your test.

Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 4 From the Diary of Anne Frank Summary

Short story Of Anne Frank’s Diary:

The Diary starts on the writer’s 13th birthday & ends a little after her 15th birthday. At the close a little after her 15th birthday. At the start-up, she writes just like a regular teenager, talking about her own friendship with other girls, girlhood, crushes on some boys, academic pursuits at school(Jewish at Amsterdam)and so on. The frank family shifted to the Netherlands in the year’s buildings up to world war II to avoid being persecuted as Jews in Germany. After Germany’s invasion of the Netherlands in the year 1940, the family was forced to hide and take shelter at a secret annex positioned above the office used by Otto Frank with another family and one acquaintance. The annex was where the family stockpiled supplies & food to survive for as long as it took. Employees at Otto Frank’s firm helped in hiding the family & kept the supplies of medicine & food coming along with providing them information about what was taking place outside.Residents in the secret per the diary were hugely interested in updating themselves about every aspect of world war II via the radio. Some news information catches the attention of the author & finds its way into her daily journal, offering insightful details of her own thoughts & personal beliefs.

Adults keep optimistically making bets about the war ending soon & their mood is impacted hugely by the setbacks of the Allied Forces and also news of Advances made by German forces. Amsterdam is forced to suffer since robberies keep taking place more frequently and food becomes hard to come a day, Anne Frank often writes about being really lonely and isolated. Her relationship with some of the adults in the annex is particularly volatile, especially in the case of her mother whom she thinks does not offer much affection or love. She dotes on her father but is scolded very repeatedly by another adult. She also thinks that her sister is smart and pretty but does not feel much near to her. She also builds a closer relationship with peter, the only teenage boy living in the annex. This is not approved at all by her father Anne Frank’s indulgence starts infirmity as a result.

The continued growth and maturity of the author are clear all through the diary with more entries shifting towards philosophical, traits and also humanity, She finds it hard to believe and know why Jews are being singled out for persecution. She also comes to terms with her identity, considering herself to be German although citizenship was revoked earlier. she calls several Dutch citizens had already started resenting Jewish people, Anne Frank feels a sense of solidarity with Jews facing such treatment although wishes to be perceived more as an individual instead of being seen as a member of the community that is being persecuted.

Throughout the period captured in Anne Franks’s diary, there is a sense of coming to terms with continued deprivation of desires & also captivity in cramped living spaces along with facing issues related to growing up in the backdrop of the terrible Holocaust. The diary vividly records this personal struggle with the odds and educe without any comments on the 1st of August 1994, the day when they were betrayed by someone and arrested by the Nazis, The diary captures the insightful, creative and curious girl who is hugely imaginative as has, with good reason, become one of the seminal war literature works of the period.

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NCERT Solutions of First Flight Chapter 4 From the Diary of Anne Frank

Q1: Do you keep a diary? Given below under “A” are some terms we use to describe a written record of personal experience. Can you match them with their description under “B”?

1)Journal- A book with a divided space  or page for each day, in which you write down your thoughts &   feelings or what has happened on that day
2)Diary A full record of a journey, a period of time, or an event, written every day
3)Log A record of a person’s own life & experiences(a Famous person)
4)Memoir(s)- A Written record of events with times & dates, usually official


A   B
1) Journal- full record of a journey, a period of time, or an event, written every day.
2) Diary A book with a divided space  or page for each day, in which you write down your thoughts &  feelings or what has happened on that day
3) Log A Written record of events with times & dates, usually official
4) Memoir(s)- A Written record of person’s own life & experiences (a famous person)

Q2: What makes writing in a diary a unique experience for Anne Frank?

A: Firstly she had never written anything like this before and secondly she thought that nobody is going to read or would be interested in her diary.

Q3: Why does Anne want to put a diary?

A: Anne wants to put a diary as she didn’t have a friend

Q4: What say you that Anne loved her grandmother?

A: Her Statement, that no one could understand her severity of love for her grandma tells that she loved her grandmother, Moreover, the touching point of lighting up one candle for grandmother during Anne’s birthday is also a vital reminder of the love for grandma.

Q5: Why was Mr Keesing angry with Anne? What did he ask her to do?

A: Mr. Keesing was angry with Anne because she was very talkative in the class. He assigned her extra work from home, ask her to write an essay on the subject “A Chatterbox”.

Q6: How did Anne justify her being a chatterbox in her simple?

A: She gave 2 arguments to justify her ‘chatterbox once that chatting in candidates’ traits & other reasons that nothing can be done about the inherited traits.

Q7: Do you think Mr. Keesing was a stiff teacher?

A: Mr. Keesing was a stiff teacher.however, he was not rigidly strict. He expected discipline & silence in his class while he was teaching, which is acceptable. He punished Anne by asking her to write an essay on A Chatterbox’ when Anne wrote a convincing essay on it he received it with a good laugh, however, when Anne continued with her talking he punished her again by asking her to write another easy, this time the topic was An incorrigible Chatterbox”. Even after when she kept talking, he asked her to write on the topic Quack Quack Quack, said Mistress Chatterbox”. He was trying to play a joke on her. However, she came up with a brilliant poem and he read this poem in this poem in this class acknowledging its content. Therefore, in regard to these events, Mr. Keesing cannot be labeled as a strict teacher. He was fun-loving too.

Q8: What made Mr.Keesing allow Anne to negotiation in class?

A: Anne was viable to justify her talkative nature every time she was punished by Mr. Keesing on 3 occasions, as chastisement, he gave her topics to write essays on. However, on each occasion, he was impressed by the manner in which she presented her argument. Finally, Mr.Keesing accepted the fact that Anne would always be that way. Hence, she was allowed to talk in class.

Q9: Was Anne right when she said that the world would not be interested in the musings of a 13-year-old girl?

A: No, Anne was not right when she said the world would not be interested in the musings of a 13-year-old girl.

Q10: what does Anne write in her 1st easy?

A: In her 1st easy, titled A Chatterbox Anne wanted to come up with solid arguments to prove the need of talking. She began thinking about the subject. She wrote 3 pages and was satisfied.she argued that talking was a candidate trait that she would do her best to keep it under control. she ahead wrote that she would never be able to cure herself of the habit since her mother talked as much as she did. There was not much that one could do about hereditary traits.

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