MD Full Form, What does MD stand for?

MD Full Form in Medical

MD Full FormThe Full Form of MD in Medical Terms is Doctor of Medicine, which is a post-graduation degree awarded for a 3-year study in the field of medicine. Doctors can pursue the MD degree after having completed their MBBS, and they get the degree after training for three years in subjects that are not related to surgery. As a post-graduation degree, it tends to capture the attention of most doctors currently pursuing their MBBS. This is mainly because doctors who have completed their MD degrees have a higher chance of finding a good job in the private and public sector hospitals. In the public or government sector, doctors can get jobs as practitioners, or as researchers investigating new diseases, and their cures.

These doctors also get a good chance of landing a good government job as the UPSC conducts an annual Combined Medical Services Exam for recruiting doctors in various government organizations. This opens a whole new world of opportunities for the doctors pursuing these degrees and allows them to work in higher-paying positions. Even if they choose to work in the private sector, they are bound to get offered better salary packages there which makes their pursuit of this degree worthwhile.

MD is offered in various fields such as Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Forensic Medicine, Microbiology, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Radiology, etc., and all of them are approved by the medical council of India.

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