MS Full Form, What does MS stand for?

MS Full Form in Medical

MS Full FormThe Full Form of MS in Medical Terms is Master of Surgery, which is a postgraduate degree awarded to doctors after studying the field of surgery for 3 years. All doctors who have completed their Bachelor’s degree in MBBS can apply for this degree as it teaches them the basics of both medicine as well as surgery and prepares them for the further education of surgery related fields. MS is in fact meant for fields which require a higher surgical expertise than what most doctors are comfortable with. This mostly correlates with being a surgeon, but it isn’t always the case as some doctors may still choose to become researchers after their MS.

The great thing about doing MS over MD is that it allows a doctor to be a lot more well off financially, provided that they have the skills and expertise to back it up. Many surgeons may choose to work as physicians for the reason of a higher pay, however a physician cannot work as a surgeon. Some of the best institutions in India to pursue your MS are AIIMS New Delhi, JIPMER Pondicherry, SGPGI Lucknow, and PGI Chandigarh.

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