Two Stories About Flying Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 3 NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Two Stories About Flying Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 3

NCERT Solutions for Class 10th English First Flight Chapter three. The answer are updated according to latest CBSE Syllabus 2020-21 NCERT Solution for 2020-21.

Class 10
Subject English –First Flight 
Chapter 3 Two Stories About Flying (Class 10)

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Two Stories About Flying Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 3 Question Answers

Q:1 Why was the young seagull fear to fly? Do you think all young birds are fear to make their first flight or are some timid than others? Do you think a human child also finds it a challenge to take its first steps?

A: The young seagull was fear to wing because it was the first flight. It is a well-known fact that doing something for the first time is challenging. Therefore, all young must be fear to make their first flights. Similarly, a human child would also find it a challenges to take its 1st t step.

Q:2 “The sight of the food maddened him,” what does this move? what compelled the young seagull to finally fly?

A: The young seagull was very hungry. It was this hunger that ultimately compelled it to fly. It’s hunger only quicken when it saw its mother tearing at a cantle of fish that lay at her feet. It cried to her, begging her to get some food. When it’s mother came towards it with food in her beak, it screamed with joy & expectation. However, she stopped midway. It wondered why she did not come nearer. Not being able to protest or control its hunger overpowered is dread of the great expanse of the sea down the cliff. Finally, this plunge was followed by the natural response of its body.

Q:3: They were beckoning to him, calling shrill. Why did the seagull’s mother and father threaten him and cajole him to fly?

A: The young seagull was fear to fly. Even it was its sisters and brothers flying, and its parents helping and teaching them, it could not gather enough courage to make that 1st  flight. That is why its father & mother were calling to its scolding & shrilly it. They threatened to let it starve on its limitations if it did not fly. They did so because they wanted it to leave its fear behind learn to fly.

Q:4 I’II Take the risk,” what is the risk? Why does the narrator take it?

A: The risk was to fly through the black storm clouds. The raconteur took the risk because he wanted to reach Paris to celebrate Christmas with his family.  

Q:5 Describe the raconteur experience as he flew the aeroplane into the storm?

A: As he fly away into the storm, everything went was impossible to see anything outside the plane. It jumped and twisted in the air when he looked at his compass, he saw that it was turning round and was dead. Along with it, the other instrument, involve the radio, was also dead. Suddenly, he saw another aeroplane.its pilot waved at him, asking him to follow. He was to find a helper. He was using the last fuel tank and there was only enough fuel to fly 5 or 10 minutes. Then the pilot started to go down & he followed. He sharp came out of clouds and saw the runway, on which he then landed his plane safely.

Q:6 why does the narrator say, I landed and was not sorry to walk far from the old Dakota? 

A: He was happy to land safely out of dark stormy clouds, therefore he was not sorry to walk far for his plane. He felt bad when he was no able to thank his guide, his mentor, who saved him from frightening situations. But he was so happy after landing that he didn’t feel sorry for not being able to thank the guide pilot.

Q:7 what made the women in the control center look at the narrator strangely?

A: The Women in the control room were surprised when the narrator asked about the other aeroplane & & its pilot. She said that there was no aeroplane seen on the radar.

Q:8 Whom do you think helped the narrator to reach safely? Discuss this among yourselves & give reasons for your answer.? Match the phrases given under Column A with their meanings given Column B:                             

 A   B               
1) Fly a Flag Move suddenly /quickly
2) Fly into rage Be successful
3) Fly along with Display a flag on a long pole 
  4) Fly the coop Become suddenly very angry
  5) Fly high Escape from a place


1) Fly a Flag Display a flag on a long pole  
2) Fly into rage Become suddenly  very angry
3) Fly along  with Move suddenly/quickly
4) Fly the coop Escape from a place
  5) Fly high Be successful

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