The Trees Poem Poem Class 10 English Chapter 7, Summary, Explanation, Solutions

The Trees Poem of CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 7, Summary, Explanation with NCERT Solutions

The Trees Poem of Class 10 English First Flight Detailed explanation of the poem along with meanings of stiff words. Also, the clarification is followed by the literary contrivance used and a brief of the Poetry.  All the exercises and Answers and Questions given at the back of the chapter have been included.

The Trees Poem Summary

The poet talks about trees symbolically. They refer to women who have been healed and are ready to move out of their houses to fulfill their primary purpose – to renew the forest of mankind. As women have remained in doors, the forest has become empty, the birds and insects rendered shelterless. The sun’s rays do not have the tree trucks and leaves to fall upon and thus, reach the earth. She says that the forest will be full of trees the next morning. The roots of the trees are working hard to separate from the floor of the veranda where they have remained fixed. The leaves and branches are moving towards the glass Windows. they are desperate to move out just like a newly discharged patient who has not recovered completely, moves to the exit doors of the hospital in a hurry. The poet is sharing in her house with the door of baranda open for stop. She is trying lyrics but does not mention this moment of trees so stop it at night time, the sky is clear and a bright moon is visible. He can smell the leaves and Kitchenware seems to be calling out desperately. She has the glass of the window pane Breaking. The trees are moving out and the fast growing wind embraces them. As the trees have reached the forest, the tall and strong overshadow the moon and it seems that the moon has been broken into several pieces.

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The Trees Poem Explanation 

The trees inside are moving out into the forest,
the forest that was empty all these days
where no bird could sit
No insect hide
no sun bury its feet in Shadow
the forest that was empty all these Nights
will be full of Trees by morning.

The poet says that the trees are moving out of the confines of the houses, into the open forest. this is unrealistic as trees are immovable and hence, we realise that the poem has symbolic meaning. We interpret that trees refer to females who have Healed themselves and ready to move out of their homes, into the forests To fulfill the primary purpose of filling the world with mankind. Further She adds that the forest has been empty for the past many days and so, no birds can be seen as they do not have any trees to sit on, on insects can be seen as they do not have any shelter and sunlight can not form any shadows.The forest of humanity has remained empty for many days but will soon be full and bright. 

All night the roots work
to disengage themselves from the cracks
on the veranda floor.
The leaves strain towards the glass
small twigs stiff with exertion—
cramped boughs shuffling under the roof
like newly discharge patients
half – days, moving
to the clinic doors. 

The poet explains the struggle done by the plants to reach the forest. She says that the roots worked for the whole night to separate themselves from the veranda floor. The leaves tried hard to reach the window of glass so that they could go outside. even the small stems of the trees put much of their effort in order to set themselves free. the big branches are also trying a lot to go out from the roof of the room. We can say that women are desperate for a change and their effort is compared to that made by a patient who has been released from the hospital and he tries to move out in a hurry although he is confused. Maybe because they are half conscious and are under the influence of some medication, they are unsteady but in a hurry to leave the clinic. 

I said inside, doors open to the veranda
writing long letters
in which I scarcely mention the departure
of the forest from the house.
The night is fresh, the whole moon shines
in the sky still open
the smell of leaves and lichen
still reaches like a voice into the rooms 

The poet says that she is sitting in a veranda, writing long letters. she does not mention about the trees leaving her house in her letters. she says that the night is very clear. she can see the complete moon which is shining. The smell of leaves and lichens is like a voice which is yelling and expressing a desire for freedom from the confines of the house. My head is full of whispers which tomorrow will be silent listen. The glass is breaking. The trees are stumbling forward into the night. winds rush to meet them. The moon is broken Like a Mirror, its pieces flash now in the ground of the tallest Oak. Her head is full of the slow sounds made by the trees which are desperate to move out. these sounds will not be heard the next day. the poet asks The Reader to listen carefully as a change is about to take place. She hears the glass window breaking and the trees stumble out into the night. the wind is blowing outside. it meets the trees. the moon is like a mirror and it appears to have been broken into pieces as the shadow of the oak tree divides the moon into many fragments. 

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The Trees Poem Class 10 NCERT Solutions

Q1. Find, in the 1st paragraph, 3 things that cannot happen in a treeless forest?

Ans.The 3 things mentioned in the 1st paragraph that cannot happen in a treeless forest are:

  • The hiding of bloodworm s in the branches of trees
  • Birds sitting on the tree branches.
  • The sun burying its feet in the image of the trees in the forest.

Q2. What picture do these words construct in your mind: “… sun bury its feet in shadow…”? What could the author mean by the sun’s ‘feet?’

A.The sun’s feet are the rays of the sun that access the earth after falling on the leaves of the trees and finally, access the earth’s surface.

Q3.(1) Where are the trees in the poem? What do their leaves, their roots, and their twigs do?

A. The trees are in the poet’s house. The roots are working hard to remove themselves from the cracks of the veranda. The leaves are making an effort to reach by the glass in order to come out and reach the forest and the twigs are making attempts to set themselves free.

(2) What does the poet likeness their branches?

A. The poet uses the word lengthy cramped for the branches. She says that the branches are trying hard to come out of the roof. She then likeness them with newly discharged patients who are trying to move out in their half rationality.

Q4. (1) How does the poet delineate the moon: (a) at the beginning of the 3rd paragraph, and (b) at its end? What reason this change?

A. The poet describes the moon as a full moon at the beginning of the third stanza but at the end of the stanza, she describes it to be broken into pieces. Their long branches have cast a shadow on the full moon and now it appears to be broken into pieces like a mirror.

 (2) What happens to the house when the trees move out of it?

A.The house becomes silent as the fragrance of the lichens and leaves which was like a voice urging for a change can no longer be smelt.

(3) Why do you think the author does not put“the departure of the forest from the home” in her letters? Think about this next when you answer the next set of questions.)?

A. The poet did not statement the departure of the forest from her house because it is a part of people’s nature to ignore the vital matters of their life .But still, people beings are cutting them for making profits without even thinking of the aftermath.

Q5. Now that you have read the poem in detail, we can begin to ask what the poem might mean. Here are two offers. Can you think of others? Does the poem present strife between nature and man? Compare it with A Tiger in the zoo?

A. Yes, the poem presents a conflict between nature and man. Man is causing deforestation by cutting down the trees for his personal use.We are damaging our environment without even thinking about the end results. By clearing up the forests, we are dangerous ourselves. So is with the animals too. We are ruining their natural killing and habitat them for our food or fun but on the other hand, we are keeping them in the cages on the pretext of safeguarding them by making zoos and sanctuaries. So, it is true that we are in direct conflict with making and nature the other living beings prisoners, be it the animals or trees.

Q6. On the other hand, Adrienne Rich has been known to use trees as a metaphor for human beings; this is a recurrent image in her poetry. What the meanings emerge from the poetry if you take its trees to be symbolic of this exclusive meaning?

A. If trees are to be taken as a symbol for human beings, then the poem will define the efforts of people to free themselves from the clutches of the wish to achieve everything. All the people are under the constant pressure of being at the top in every field. Either they are forced by their own wish of doing so or there is constant peer pressure on them. So, human beings will set themselves free from this try and race to live a peaceful life a happy.

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