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NCERT Solutions for The Ball Poem Chapter 5 Class 10 English – Kunji

NCERT Solutions for The Ball Poem Chapter 5 Class 10 English

Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 5 The Ball Poem NCERT Solutions

The CBSE 10th class the Ball poem English First Flight Poetry 5-Detailed clarification of the poetry along with meanings of stiff words. Also, the clarification is followed by the literary device used and a brief of the poem. All the exercises and Answers and Questions given at the back of the chapter have been including.

Q1.What does John Berryman want to convey via this poem? 

A. Poet, John Berryman wants to convey the importance of responsibility and loss in life. We all should learn how to cope up with the loss and our responsibility.

Q2.How does the boy feel at the harm of his ball?

A: The boy is very much troubled at the harm of his ball. He experiences sorrow at the harm of his much-loved right. Like a statue, he maintains screamy at the ball with his desperate eyes.

Q3. Write the substance and sum of the poem “The Ball Poem”?

A. In “The Ball Poem”, Berryman tells us about how our childhood can fast fly by, as fast as a ball is lost and how we sometimes unsuspectingly must face hardships and grow up like loss.

Q4. Why does the poet think that it is idle to give the following offering to the boy?

A. According to the poet, it is useless to console the boy by saying that he can get another ball in place of the lost one. 

Q5.Why did the poet not offer the boy money to buy another ball? 

A. The poet watched the boy who had plunged in grief at the loss of his ball. He did not propose the boy money to buy other balls. He felt that the other ball could not console the boy. It seemed that the boy had the ball for a long time. The poet also wanted the boy to realize the epistemology of loss.

Q6. Why did the boy feel very sad at the harm of his ball?

A. When the boy lost the ball, he plunged in grief. He stood staring down the harbor where his ball was lost. The boy was dominance profoundly by the harm of his ball because it had been with him for a lengthy time. It was linked to the memories of the days when he played with it.

Q7. “External is Money.’ What does the author mean by this expression?

A. He makes the boy understand his responsibility as the loss is immaterial. He can purchase another ball. He explained that money is an external item and the world is full of possessions.

Q9. “… staring down/All his young days into the anchorage His ball went / where …” Do you think the boy has had the ball for a long time? Is it linked to the remember of days when he played with it?

A. Yes, the boy has had the ball for a long time i.e. since his childhood. Yes, it is linked with the memories of days when he played with it.

Q10.  What does mean of “in the earth of possessions”?

A. In the world of possessions means people like to possess all sorts of things in the world. Money is external because it can buy only material commodities. it cannot buy all that one loses.

Q11. Do you think the boy has missed anything earlier? Pick out the words that hint the answer.

A. No, the boy hasn’t lost anything sooner. The words ‘He senses 1st responsibility’ hint the answer.

Q12. What does the poet say the boy is learning from the harm of the ball? Try to explain this in your words.

A. The poet says that the boy is learning to cope up with the loss of the ball. He is experiencing grief and learning to grow up in this world of possessions. He learns that there are so many things in life that are to be lost and cannot be brought back. It is useless to feel misery for it.

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