Long Walk to Freedom Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 2 NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 10th English First Flight Chapter 2 Nelson Mandela Long walk to Freedom

Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom English First Flight Chapter 2 Class 10 Question Answers

Candidates who have started their revision for CBSE class 10th English can check the important set of answers and questions from chapter 2 (Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom). The given long & short important questions are from NCERT & English Sample paper. Practice your answers from the questions which are expected to be asked in CBSE 10th Board test 2020. The NCERT Solutions to the questions since all unit of NCERT school books aimed at helping Candidates solving stiff questions. For a better understanding of this chapter, you should also see briefs of Chapter two Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Class 10th English One:

Class 10
Subject English one 
Book First Flight 
Chapter No. Two
Chapter Name Nelson Mandela Long walk to Freedom

Question 1: Where did the ceremonies take place? Can you name any nationwide buildings in India that are formed of sandstones?

Answer: The ceremonies took place on the campus of Union Building of Pretoria, which was attended by dignitaries & leaders of many nations. In India, Red Fort  & Rashtrapati Bhavan are buildings made of sandstone.

Question 2: Can you say how tenth May is an “Autumn day” in South Africa?

Answer: As South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere, it may fall in the autumn season. Thus tenth May is an ‘Autumn day’.

Question 3: At the start up of his speech, Mandela mentions ‘an extraordinary public disaster’.What does he mean by this and What is the “glorious human achievement” he speaks of the finish?

Answer: An extraordinary human disaster Mandela means to state the practice apartheid in South Africa. During this there was racial segregation based on color &  blacks suffered a lot. They were not allowed to demand rights and freedom. Mandela himself did live many years on infamous “Robben Island” as a captive where he was beaten mercilessly. He considered it a great glorious human achievement that a black person become the President of a country where the blacks were not even considered human beings & were treated badly.

Question 4:  What does Mandela thank the international leaders?

Answer: Mandela felt very preferential  to welcome the international leaders at the swearing-in ceremony because not too long ago, the South Africans were considered outlaws.. This was a sign of international to a newly born free democratic nation &  it could be considered as a common victory for peace, justice,& human dignity. He thus thanks all of them for having come to corroborate the historical ceremony.

Question 5: What ideals does  Nelson Mandela set for the future of South Africa?

Answer: Nelson Mandela set the ideals of liberating humanity from the bondage of poverty, suffering & deprivation. He also set the ideal for a society where there would be no discrimination based on racial origins and gender.

Question 6: Where the ceremonies took space? Mention any public buildings in India that are formed of sandstone?

Answer: The ceremonies were held in sandstone amphitheater which was made by the Union Buildings in Pretoria.Some of the examples of public buildings in India which are made of Sandstone are:

  • Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi
  • Madras High Court in Chennai
  • Supreme Court in Delhi
  • Parliament House in Delhi

Question 7: What ideality were set by Nelson Mandela for the future of South Africa?

Answer: Mandela pledged to liberalize every South Africans from deprivation, gender, suffering, poverty, & other discrimination. He set big hopes for South Africa where no one will ever face any form of partisanship again.

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