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MBA Full Form, What does MBA stand for? – Kunji

MBA Full Form, What does MBA stand for?

The Full form of MBA

The Full Form of MBA is a Master of Business Administration, and it is a postgraduate degree created in the US in the 1900s during the American Industrialization. The primary courses of an MBA degree program cover various topics such as applied statistics, accounting, business communication, business, strategy, business ethics, finance, business law, managerial economics, entrepreneurship, managerial economics, marketing, operations management, and supply-chain management. This is all covered in an order which is relevant to the analysis of the business. Many other programs also have some electives which allow students to select relevant courses that would aid them in their future career. Some of these electives include subjects like finance, accounting, and marketing.

Several of the MBA programs in the US require students to accumulate a total of 60 credits in their course. This is comparatively higher than the requirement of similar courses such as Master of Economics, Master of Science in Marketing, Master of Accountancy, and Master of Science in Management. This makes the MBA course seem a lot more intensive than others, which it is. Apart from this, it also requires a student to accumulate all these credits within two years which makes things a little more interesting.

MBA is also considered a terminal degree and is meant to be conducted in various fields such as finance, marketing, operations management, and technology management. Various business schools across the world offer this program and even have the option of part-time and executive courses that allow professionals to complete their degree along with their degree.

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