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IEEE Full Form, What does IEEE stand for? – Kunji

IEEE Full Form, What does IEEE stand for?

The Full form of IEEE

The Full Form of IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which is a professional association to allow electronic and electrical engineers to collaborate and work on new horizons in their fields. It has its corporate offices in New York, and the operations headquarters in New Jersey. The association was founded in 1963 by the amalgamation of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, as well as that of the Institute of Radio Engineers. Now the institute has expanded its focus to the various relating fields to electronic and electrical engineering, due to which now it is recognized by only its initials IEEE.

As per surveys done in 2018, IEEE is the largest association of technical professionals and associates in the world. The association has over 423,000 members across the world with centers in over 160 countries. The objectives of IEEE are purely educational and relate to the advancement of the technical fields of electrical and electronic engineering, computer science engineering, telecommunications engineering, and other similar fields.

A recent controversy of the group has been their Huawei ban in May of 2019. As per the ban, Huawei employees can no longer review the papers of their peers or even view them as editors. This has mostly sparked due to fears of being spied on by the Chinese government, though with Huawei still a member, its employees can still perform all other functions in the association. However, when this caused several Chinese scientists to quit from the IEEE, they were forced to lift the ban in June 2019.

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