CIFNET Full Form, What does CIFNET stand for?

The Full form of CIFNET

CIFNET Full Form – The full form of CIFNET is the Central Institute of Fisheries, Nautical and Engineering Training. This is an institute in Kochi which is dedicated to studying marine life and oceanic behavior. It was formerly known as the Central Institute of Fisheries Operatives or CIFO and was established back in 1963. It has an affiliation with the Cochin University of Science and Technology or CUSAT, and is managed by the Government’s Department of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry. The institute was established with one goal in mind, and that was to speed up the research and development of new technologies to aid the production of marine resources in our various industries while keeping things sustainable.

The primary goal of this institute was to bring several developments to aid those who made a living by fishing. These could help them improve their quality of life. While this goal hasn’t been completely achieved yet, there are still several achievements by the institute which can be appreciated so far. They train several graduates each year to study and research in fisheries, and also in their administration departments. They have promoted the fields of marine studies and technology across the nation, with more and more students coming in each year.

They even attract several foreign students from countries such as Nigeria, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Yemen, and Laos among others. They also have three separate training vessels which can help them to train students and provide them with practical on-board knowledge of the sea and its lifeforms.

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