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WBC Full Form, What does WBC stand for? – Kunji

WBC Full Form, What does WBC stand for?

The Full Form of WBC

WBC Full FormThe full form of WBC  in medical terms is White Blood Cell, also known as leukocyte. It is a cellular element of the blood which lacks hemoglobin, has nucleus, and defends body against infection and disease by destroying the agents of infection, or by production of antibodies.

An adult human estimates a count between 4,500 -11,000 WBCs per cubic millimeter of blood. White cell count might surgeas a result toconvulsions, acute emotional reactions, intense physical exertion, infections, pain, pregnancy, labour, and intoxications. The count mightdropas a result to some kind of infections or drug usage or in association with conditionslike chronic anemia, malnutrition or anaphylaxis.

The six types of WBCs and the average percentage of each in the blood:

  • Lymphocytes – 25 – 33 %
  • Eosinophils – 2 %
  • Neutrophils – 58 %
  • Basophils – 1 %
  • Monocytes – 4 %
  • Bands – 3 %

Lymphocytes, further divided into B cells and T cells,take responsibility for the specific recognition of harmful agents and their removal from the host. B lymphocytes produce antibodies.T cells identifyviral infections or cancerous cells and kill them, or they assist the B cells in antibody production as helper cells. Natural killer cells are also included in this group;they have the ability to kill varieties of target cells.

Based on how the granules take up dye in laboratory, granulocytes are divided into 3 types: eosinophils,neutrophils, and basophils.

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