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MBBS Full Form, What does MBBS stand for? – Kunji

MBBS Full Form, What does MBBS stand for?

MBBS Full Form in Medical

MBBS Full Form The Full Form of MBBS in Medical Terms is Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, which is the most prominent undergraduate professional degree pursued by medical enthusiasts worldwide. The degree is awarded after studying both medicine and surgery for 5-6 years (including internship) in a medical school or university. This degree is actually made of two separate degrees integrated into one since they both belong to the same domain, and can be awarded at the same time to allow a graduate to select their further path based on their preferences in their undergraduate degree.

In other words, it prepares a graduate with the basic knowledge of becoming both a physician as well as a surgeon, and allows them the choice of becoming either in the future. This also enables the students to work in an internship that corresponds with their future goals of pursuing either MS or MD. The eligibility criteria for these courses is quite simple as students are primarily required to have studies Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English in their Senior Secondary Educational Level. This course not only awards a graduating student with a degree, but also a legal license to become a medical practitioner. It is also one of the toughest courses to get into in India as one has to face immense competition in the NEET examination. Lakhs of students compete every year to get admission in a good medical college of their choice, but few actually make it through.

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