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IIBM Full Form, What does IIBM stand for? – Kunji

IIBM Full Form, What does IIBM stand for?

The Full Form of IIBM

IIBM Full Form – The Full Form of IIBM in banking terms is the Indian Institute of Bank Management, which is an autonomous institute sponsored by NABARD, SBI, RBI, and other renowned banks. The IIBM focuses on the consulting, and training and research fields in the banking area. The training initiatives undertaken by the IIBM have introduced operational and conceptual dimensions in the banking sector and developed leadership qualities as a financial intermediary in the competitive market. It offers specifically designed programs in the field of Credit Management. IIBM works in compliance with meeting the needs of capacity building for small finance banks.

IIBM is located in Guwahati, Assam, and has its very own campus in Khanapara where it provides facilities like conference rooms, stocked libraries, and art classrooms. The IIBM is managed by a committee that consists of a Chairman who is the Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and other members of the board are CEOs of other banks. It also organizes workshops and seminars related to banking issues and publishes its own news reports, monographs, and case studies.

IIBM plays a major role in the training and development of the banking labor force, and it also promotes high morale and qualities like loyalty and determination in newer generations. IIBM has introduced post-graduation diploma courses in the finance & banking sector which concerns the fields of agri-credit, agri-business, corporate governance, cash and currency chest management, micro-finance and financial inclusion, and management development programs.

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