IFC Full Form, What does IFC stand for?

The Full Form of IFC

IFC Full Form – The Full Form of IFC in banking terms is International Finance Corporation, which works towards the private sector development of the countries. IFC was established in 1956, and has its headquarters in Washington D.C and is also a member of the World Bank Group, it is an international financial institution which aims at promoting economic development by providing services like investment, asset management, and advisory. The IFC is a multinational corporation that has about 184 countries as its members, and these governments are major shareholders who provide capita and have a right to vote on the legal matters of this treaty.

IFC functions in order to meet its objectives of creating better living standards in less developed countries by mobilizing financial resources, promoting competitive but accessible markets, creating jobs, and encouraging local businesses. IFC also has a set of goals concerned with improvement in the education and healthcare sector, climate health, microfinance, and sustainable agriculture. It is committed to sustainable development and has its own approach towards several facets of risk management.

IFC in collaboration with the World Green Building Council has worked towards incorporating greenhouses in less developed countries which are much better than conventional houses, as they use 20% less water, materials, and energy to meet the Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) certification standards. IFC has been accredited with an AAA rating by several renowned rating agencies, because of its liquidity, management policies, and geographical diversification.

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