BSFC Full Form, What does BSFC stand for?

The Full form of BSFC

BSFC Full Form – The full form of BSFC refers to the Brake Specific Fuel Consumption, which is a measure of the fuel efficiency offered by an engine in automobiles. The BSFC is used for drawing a comparison between internal combustion systems and the shaft which produces rotational motion by burning fuel. BSFC is the ratio of given fuel consumption and power produced by the engine. The BSFC is calculated as fuel consumption rate in gram per seconds and the power produced is in Watts. The BSFC is most commonly represented in the units of grams per kilowatt-hour. 

The Brake Specific Fuel Consumption allows us to compare the fuel efficiency and economy provided by different engines, depending on the energy density of different types of fuels being used in the vehicles. The BSFC numbers are highly significant for calculating the operating values, cycle average statistics, engine design, and class. These numbers vary depending on the engine design, compression ratios, and power rating. 

Engines are compared on the basis of Brake Specific Fuel Consumption, the lower the BSFC, the higher is the efficiency of the engine. The BSFC for Diesel engines is around 200 grams per Kilowatt-hour, whereas the BSFC for gasoline engines is around 250 grams per kilowatt-hour. It is a function of engine spread and torque produced by the engine at different RPMs. The automatic transmission engine systems have gear shift schedulers that keep the RPM of the vehicle under constant control for delivering optimum power and torque and manages efficient fuel consumption.

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