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NCERT Solutions for 10th Class English Chapter 8 The Hack Driver – Kunji

NCERT Solutions for 10th Class English Chapter 8 The Hack Driver

The Hack Driver

Check NCERT Solutions for Class 10th English The Hack Driver Lesson 8. In this article, candidate of  10th Class can access NCERT Solutions for Supplementary book – Footprints Without Feet (Chapter 8 – The Hack Driver)we have provided CBSE  10th Class  NCERT Solutions for the lesson – 8 of the English Supplementary book – Footprints Without Feet. The NCERT solutions have been provided by the subject expert after a detailed analysis of the marking scheme and model answer sheet issued by CBSE.10th Class candidates can study the answers provided here to score well in school as well as the 10th Class board test.

Board CBSE
Textbook NCERT
Class Class 10th
Subject English Footprints Without Feet
Chapter 8
Chapter Name The Hack Driver
 Category NCERT Solution


The Hack Driver Chapter 8 Question and Answers

Q.1 When the lawyer reached New Mullion, did ‘Bill’ know that he was looking for Lutkins? When do you think Bill came up with his plan for fooling the lawyer?
Ans. No, Bill didn’t know anything about the lawyer. It was a matter of chance that he went himself to Bill and enquired about Oliver Lutkins. Bill at once came up with the plan of fooling the lawyer when he was enquired by the lawyer about Lutkins because as per the story he was a very cunning man who had to pay off many people. Therefore, we can say that he was ready with a plan to befool him.

Q.2 Why is the lawyer sent to a new mullion? What does he first think about the place?
Ans. The lawyer was sent Mullion to serve a summons on Oliver Lutkins, who was needed as a  witness in a  law case. He first thinks that the place must be a sweet and simple country village.

Q.3 Why do you think Lutkins’ neighbors were anxious to meet the lawyer?
Ans. Lutkins took the lawyer all across the town in search of Lutkins himself. He was able to fool a lawyer with his cooked up stories about Lutkins and other villagers.  All this must have become the talk of the town as to how a man could fool the other man in his own search. Everyone had seen this happening. So, Lutkins’ neighbors were keen to see him as they missed seeing him that day.

Q.4 After his first day’s experience with the hack driver, the lawyer thinks of returning to New Mullion to practice law. Do you think he would have reconsidered this idea after his second visit?
Ans. Yes, he may have reconsidered his idea of practicing law at New Mullions. He had taken this decision because he was impressed by the noble and friendly nature of Bill. He found that the villagers were nice, kind, and, innocent. They were far better than the city people who were not so simple and humble. But on the second visit when he realized that Lutkins had fooled him, he would rethink his idea and would decide not to settle in New Mullion.

 Q.5 Do you think the lawyer was gullible? How could he have avoided being taken for a ride?
Ans. Yes, the lawyer was very gullible as he was taken away with whatever he was told by the hack driver. He never thought of cross-checking it. The lawyer could have checked everything himself by going to the people himself but he let Bill do this. He was so impressed by Bill’s friendliness and cheerfulness that he never cross-checked with what he was told by the Bill and made it easy for the hack driver to fool him.

Q.6 Who befriends lawyer Where does he take him?
Ans. A hack driver at the station who called himself Bill Magnuson befriends him He told the lawyer that he knew Lutins and would help in finding to him. Bill took him to the place. where Lutkins was known to hang out. He took them to Fritz’s shop, where is played a lot of pokers, to Gustaff’s barbershop to the poolroom and several other places before finally taking him to Lutin’s mother’s farm. However, Oliver Lutkin’s mother’s farm. However, Oliver Lutkins was not found.

Q.7 Lutkins openly takes the lawyer all over the village. How is it that no one lets out the secret? (Hint: Notice that the hack driver asks the lawyer to keep out of sight behind him when they go into Fritz’s.) Can you find other such subtle ways in which Lutkins manipulates the tour?
Ans. Lutkins (Bill) was a very cunning man who cooked up a story for the lawyer that Lutkins would run away if he saw a man dressed like a lawyer enquiring about him. So, he suggested him to stay behind. It was Lutkins, who used to go into the various shops first, due to this no one could able to answer the truth as he would come up with another story for the villager or may take them in confidence. Even when they went to search for Lutkins at his mother’s place, he described his mother as very horrible and there also he introduced himself as bill the hack driver to his mother and informed her about the lawyer who was searching for Lutkins. This made his mother help him out as she knew that she was not supposed to disclose anything to the lawyer.

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