NCERT Solutions for English Class 12th Going Places chapter 8

Going Places

Going Places CBSE  Class 12th  English NCERT solutions Reader (Flamingo) Chapter 8 – Detailed explanation of the chapter along with the meanings of stiff words. Also, the explanation is followed by a Summary of the chapter.  All the exercises and Questions and Answers given at the back of the chapter have been covered.

 Questions And Answers

Q.1 Where was it most likely that the two girls would find work after school?
Ans. The two girls Sophie and Jansie were friends. They were in their teenage and belonged to middle-class families. But Janie was more realistic than Sophie. Sophie wanted to open a boutique after school but, she was unaware of the cost of opening it. When Jansie made her realize the cost of opening a boutique, she decided to become an actress or a fashion designer. But at last both the girls decided to work in the biscuit factory after passing their school.

Q.2 Does Geoff believe what Sophie says about her meeting with Danny Casey?
Ans. Casey tells Geoff about her meeting with Danny Casey when he was working with his motorcycle. He does not believe her at first, and inquiries from her about Danny Casey’s looks. But when Sophie describes his looks, he is not satisfied at all. Moreover when Sophie asks Geoff to promise he would tell no one, he at once answers that there is nothing to tell. So, it is quite clear that Geoff never believes her about her meeting with Danny Casey.

Q.3 What were the options that Sophie was dreaming of? why does Jansie discourage her to have such dreams?
Ans. Sophie dreamt of opening a boutique or becoming an actress or a fashion designer. She thought that she would be offered the position of a manager and that she would work there till the time she saves enough money for her boutique. Keeping in mind their lower-middle-class family background. Jansie discourages Sophie to have such dreams. Jansie is more realistic and practical in life, and hence, knows that big ambitions cost heavy investments, Something their working-class status could not afford.

Q.4 Does her father believe her story?
Ans. Sophie’s father does not believe her story and he wants her ‘wild stories might land her into trouble.

Q5 .which country did Danny Casey play for?
Ans. Danny Casey was a football player. He played for Ireland United first team.

Q.6 why didn’t Sophie want Jansie to know about her story with Danny?
Ans. Sophie did not want Jansie to know about her meeting with Danny because she thought that it was a secret only with her and her brother Geoff. Moreover, she did not want the whole neighborhood would know about this. If the whole neighborhood knew about this then there would be a long line around her house asking about Casey. All this arose a dispute in her family.

Q.7 Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey?
Ans. Sophie was a young girl fascinated by heroism. One day she met Danny Casey Royce’s window. At that time both of them did not have any pen or paper, so she did not get his autograph. He promised her to meet after a week. She waited for him in a garden but he did not come there. But at last, she luckily met him while walking back home through Royce’s arcade.

Q.8 Which was the only occasion when she got to see Danny Casey in person?
Ans. Sophie was going back home after waiting for Danny Casey. She was walking through Royce’s arcade. There she pictured Danny outside Royce’s window. This was the only occasion when Sophie got to see Danny Casey in person.

Q.9 Sophie and jansie were classmates and Friends. What were the differences between them that show up in the story?

Jansie is just as old as Sophie but she is very different from her. Bring out the contrast between the two friends eating relevant instances from the story, ‘Going Place.
Ans. Sophie and Jansie were two friends. Both of them were teenagers. But they were different in their thinking, Sophie was always lost in dreams but Jansie was very realistic. On the one side, Sophie wanted to become a fashion designer or an actress, but she was unaware of the cost or real problems. which she was to face while fulfilling her dreams. Jansie discouraged her knowing that they were both embarked for the biscuit factory Jansie was inquisitive but never fantasizing like Sophie. So these traits led to the differences between the two friends.

Q.10 How would you describe the character and temperament of Sophie’s father?
Ans. Sophie’s father was a realistic person. He was also like most of the other fathers. He was a person of firm faith in social interactions but he hardly welcomed the wild things and wild stories. He always wanted to keep his family members happy and peaceful. He was not financially well off. He was a man who enjoyed games and drinks. He enjoyed sports and watching television with his children. He visited the pub and enjoyed it there. But he was not happy with his daughter’s wild imaginations. He advised her that she would have to face a load of trouble because of this wild imagination. Sophie did not want to tell her father about her meeting with Casey. If Sophie’s secret became known to him, she thought he would murder her. Yet he had a lovely and helping temperament.

Q.11 Why did Sophie like her brother Geoff more than any other person? From her perspective, what did he symbolize?
Ans. Geoff was Sophie’s elder brother. He had been an apprentice mechanic for three years. He had a very important place in the life of his sister Sophie Geoff was now almost a grown-up boy. Sophie suspected his areas of life about which he never spoke. She did not know about those areas. Moreover, she was very impressed with the world of fancy. She thought that her brother was always lost in a world full of joys and fancy but in reality, he did not like to talk much.

Q.12 What socio-economic background did Sophie belong to? What are the indicators of her family’s financial status?
Ans. Sophie belonged to a middle-class family. But she was always lost in a world of imagination and fancies. She wanted to open a boutique but was unaware of the cost. Her friend made her realised to give up the idea. Then she dreamt of becoming an actress. Again she was disappointed by Jansie because both of them already had decided to work in a shop Indicators of their family. The head of the family, their father was the only source of income. They were not financially very well off. Even Geoff and Sophie did not think of a higher study because of the poor financial condition. Moreover, all the members of the family especially the youth always wanted to earn some money, In addition, the financial condition of the family shows the struggling youths of a middle-class family. They are dreaming of strengthening their financial background.

Q.13  Sophie’s dreams and disappointments all in her mind.
Ans. We are introduced to Sophie as a school going, girl. She is always lost in dreams of imagination. She belongs to a middle-class family. Sophie dreams to open a boutique or to become a filmstar, unaware of her social and economical status. Her friend Jansie is more realistic. She makes her realize her financial status. Sophie became a little bit disappointed. All her dreams and disappointments are in her own mind. This is because she does not want to accept reality and wants to be lost in imagination. So, we can say all disappointments are there because of her thinking, because of her inner crisis and not from any other external factor.

Q.14 It is natural for teenagers to have unrealistic dreams. What would you say are the benefits and disadvantages of such fantasizing?
Ans. It is very natural that teenagers have unrealistic dreams. But when we talk about the loss and benefits of these unrealistic dreams, we conclude that losses are larger than those of the benefits. If we talk about the benefit, we can say that there is only one that they start thinking. But thinking should be positive. But if they think of it will definitely bring disappointment. As we see in the chapter Sophie dreams to become a star or opening a boutique but when she faces the reality she becomes disappointed unrealistic dreams cause pains when they break.

Q.15 What is pictured to you in Sophie’s home?
Ans. It is a middle-class family. Her mother is busy with her chores. Food is being cooked on a stove. Dirty clothes are piled up in a comer. Her father is scooping shepherd’s pie into his mouth after day’s work.

Q.16 What does Geoff mean by saying, Casey must have strings of girls?
Ans. Sophie wants Geoff to promise, not to tell her father about her meeting with Danny Casey. He would grow angry about this. Then Geoff tells her that Casey must be having a large number of girls in his contact. He means to say that Casey is a star, but she is still a schoolgirl.

Q.17 What was the autograph riddle? Could it be solved?
Ans. On her first meeting with Danny at Royce’s window, Sophie asked his autograph for little Derek. But neither of them had a paper or a pen. In the second real meeting at the Royce, ‘s the same riddle stood unsolved the autograph couldn’t be signed because there too was neither a pen nor a paper.

Q.18 Did Sophie meet Danny Casey personally? When and where?
Ans. With the burden of sadness, Sophie walked back home from the canal side park. At Royce’s arcade, she pictured Danny Casey. He answered that he was Danny Casey. She told him that she watched him every week with her father and brother. She asked him for an autograph but they had neither pen nor a paper. For a long time, she stood there alone where he stood.

Q.19 Look for other stories or movies where this theme of her worship and fantasizing about film or sports icons find a place.
Ans.  Nowadays, our younger generation is attracted to the field of sports icons. New generations want to become like these stars. So they start dreaming without any type of real effort. They do not work hard to fulfill their aim. Any type of failure makes them disappointed. Moreover, today we have a lot of film stories based on such dreams. At last, they convey a message that our youth should believe in the real world, not in dreams. They should work hard to achieve their goal.

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