WGT Full Form, What does WGT stand for?

The Full form of WGT

WGT Full Form – The full form in WGT in terms of automobiles refers to Waste Gas Turbocharger, which is a wastegate. In the present era, automobiles are equipped with turbocharged engines, and the wastegates are used to increase the efficiency of the engine and deliver optimum performance at full rpm operating conditions. A wastegate’s functioning is related to its bypass valve preventing the turbocharged engines from overrunning, and preventing any mechanical hazard due to engine overboost. The same bypass valve directs away from the gases emitted through combustion inside the exhaust from the turbine wheel. 

The turbocharger consists of a turbine that comprises a hollow passage and a wastegate valve, that redirect the gases from the exhaust to the tailpipes and catalytic converters. The functioning of the wastegate is to reduce the high pressure of the gases coming out of the exhaust, developed due to the compressor which can be redirected through controlling the speed of the turbine wheel. 

There are four major wastegate valve operators: 

  1. Hydraulic Valve Operator 
  2. Pneumatic Valve Operator
  3. Manual Valve Operator
  4. Electric Valve Operator

A waste gas turbocharger protects the engine from mechanical failure due to high-pressure gases by regulating the pressure and direction of the gases. A turbocharged petrol engine is used in race cars for limiting the amount of the boost pressure developed in the turbine. A wastegate system has several advances associated with it as it is very compact, it reduces the overall weight of the engine, avoids mechanical hazards, delivers optimum engine performance and reduces turbo lag up to a great extent.

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