VDB Full Form, What does VDB stand for?

The Full form of VDB

VDB Full Form – The full form of VDB refers to Ventilated Disc Brake in automobiles, which allows heat to dissipate through the channels and it works as a cooling mechanism for the rotor. Most of the car brakes are ventilated, to prevent the rotor from getting severely hot which may cause cracks and further damage to the wheels. Most of the racing cars and heavy vehicles that have disc brakes have holes in them. These holes efficiently help in dissipating the heat generated through the rotor, when brakes are applied all the pressure is transferred to the front brakes, which need to work a lot more than the rear brakes. Hence, for the same reason, the front brakes have larger discs and a number of holes to prevent the wheels from any mechanical damage. 

The ventilated disc brakes are set in a very stable configuration in automobiles, their mechanism is very efficient as they are clasped by the calipers equipped in the vehicle which also holds the brake pads. The ventilated disc brakes are easy to apply, and they also prevent accidents by reducing the speed under safety norms. The temperature of the wheels may rise even above 500 C, therefore there are several holes on the disc brake that circulate the air through different passages and let the rotor cool down. The ventilated disc brakes have advantages like weight savings and increased heat dissipation area, along with internal ventilation, and thus their effectiveness is ensured for a longer period of time.

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