TSI Full Form, What is the Full form of TSI?

The Full form of TSI

The full form of TSI refers to the Turbocharged Stratified Injection engine system in automobiles, which is the gas equivalent of the Turbocharged Diesel Injection engine. The TSI engines are highly efficient in delivering optimum performance and using less fuel consumption. The TSI engine took its inspiration from the TDI and FSI engine systems for combining direct injection with turbocharging and thus offering high power with fuel-efficient norms.

The TSI engine is a gas engine which allows high torques even at lower RPMs, thus generating higher power with less fuel usage. The stratified charge refers to all the fluids along with the fuel vapors that enter the fuel-rich area inside the combustion cylinder for initiating the engine and being the modern era engine it offers slightly higher compression ratios than the conventional internal combustion engines. There is no risk of engine knock and pre-ignition since the fuel is injected inside the combustion chamber at that very moment at which combustion will begin.  

The fuel injectors in the Turbocharged Stratified Injection engine system are placed in the intake ports in such a manner that they generate homogenous charges. This homogenous charge contains the stoichiometric equivalent amount of air and fuel for complete combustion, and under high pressure provides better thermodynamic efficiency to the engine. The TSI engine supports a leaner air-fuel combustion ratio through the stratified charge, where a small amount of fuel mixture initially gets ignited for combustion and then a larger section of the same lean fuel mixture is allowed for combustion.

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