TCS Full Form, What does TCS stand for?

The Full form of TCS

TCS Full Form – The full form of TCS refers to the Traction Control System in automobiles that are a part of the electronic stability control system equipped in the vehicles, that is designed to prevent the traction loss of driven wheels on roads. The TCS system is advantageous in vehicles that are used in the field of racing or on track, as whenever there is a mismatch of the engine torque with the throttle accelerated by the rider, the TCS system comes into action to make the vehicle road to surface conditions.

Whenever the wheel is accelerated on any slippery surface, the traction control system limits the tire slip and helps the rider to accelerate the vehicle under control. A traction control system is an upgraded version of the positraction system equipped in vehicles in the past.   

Instances when the TCS system comes into action: 

  1. If the rider closes the throttle but the vehicle has driven by wire throttle technology
  2. Whenever there is a mismatch of engine torque and throttle 
  3. If there is a reduction of fuel supply to either of the cylinders 
  4. If the vehicle faces a loss in spark sequence to either of the cylinders

The Traction Control System has an electro-hydraulic brake actuator and wheel speed sensors equipped with ABS. The functioning of the sensors is dependent on the wheels, if they receive fluctuating power and produce inappropriate rotational motion then the traction is controlled. Moreover, the traction control system also reduces the power supplied to the wheels in cases of slipping.

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