PUC Full Form, What does PUC stand for?

The Full form of PUC

The full form of PUC is the Pre-University Course, and it is also referred to as a Pre-Degree Course or a PDC. It is considered to be an intermediate educational step before the University and is also called as 10+2. It has a duration of two years and is conducted by all educational boards in India with similar syllabi. While some schools include it as classes 11 and 12, others call it Junior College and treat it like an intermediate step that has board examinations right after. This is often the first time many Indian students get their examinations checked from an external board, and for CBSE students, it is the first time they are made to encounter the marking system instead of the holistic grading system they are used to.

Passing this course is essential to take admission in an Indian University, and the course admits students based on marks earned in their Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination. This is also what allows them their subjects (e.g. only a certain percentage allows for science, commerce, and humanities).

As per the Indian Schooling system, a bachelor’s degree requires at least 10 years of schooling along with two more for the PUC, and then the actual duration of the bachelor’s degree course. Several colleges also offer integrated courses to students which does not require them to complete the PUC before college, and they can instead join the bachelor’s degree program with two years added to it.

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