ISC Full Form, What does ISC stand for?

The Full form of ISC

The Full Form of ISC is the Indian School Certificate which is a national level examination conducted at the 12th Class level in schools affiliated with the CISCE Board of education. The exam is a board-level examination after which students are awarded their PUC or Pre-University Certificate which holds the equivalent value of a high-school diploma in most other countries. This allows students to then take admission in a university of their choice both in India as well as abroad. This board is often the most preferred one by the missionary schools in India.

The focus that CISCE has placed on academics truly reflects in the ISC examination, as unlike CBSE they have a percentage system for grading without a holistic approach to education. While this significantly increases the pressure students have during this vulnerable phase in their lives, experts argue that it helps to prepare them for an even more stressful environment in their university and teaches the value of hard work. The board examination has immense competition as the result defines whether students can enter the college of their choice or not. This is further improved by the various coaching centers willing to aid students in their goal to score the highest.

In the end however, CBSE students are more likely to excel at competitive exams which is partly because CBSE conducts most competitive exams in India and has morphed the school curriculum accordingly. However, getting a high score in the ISC examinations is an achievement in itself.

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