IIMC Full Form, What does IIMC stand for?

The Full form of IIMC

The Full Form of IIMC is the Indian Institute of Mass Communication which is an educational institute in New Delhi. The institute is a hub for media center related courses which is funded as well as managed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. The institute was inaugurated on August 17, 1965 by the then Minister of Information and Broadcasting. It has five regional centers, apart from the main one on the outskirts of New Delhi, which are situated in Aizawl in Mizoram, Amravati in Maharashtra, Dhenkanal in Odisha, Jammu, and Kottayam in Kerala.

The primary focus of the institute is to improve the educational standards in the fields relating to Mass Communication and Journalism. Therefore, it offers courses in various disciplines such as print journalism, television journalism, photojournalism, development communication, radio journalism, communication research, advertising and public relationships. It has significantly improved the way the advertising and marketing agencies in India function by offering them trained professionals who can craft words and use them to influence the masses. Notable alumni from the institution have gone to become news hosts, journalists, social workers, editors, anchors, TV producers, as well as film directors.

The institute does not conduct entrance examinations and hence admissions are based on previous qualifications of the candidates such as marks in 12th boards, and an interview. While some courses are open for all in order to help improve the communication level in the general public, most are available on the basis of the number of seats available.

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