AIDBs Full Form, What does AIDBs stand for?

The Full Form of AIDBs

AIDBs Full Form The Full Form of AIDBs in banking terms is All India Development Banks which is a group of banks dedicated towards the financial and infrastructural development of the nation. The banks don’t form one uniform group as such, but are several different banks which are considered to be of the same category by financial experts at the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The major means of importance among these banks is the fact that they provide loans to large scale industries to help them to grow and develop their infrastructure, as well as expand their business on more horizons than just the one they belong to.

The interest rates charged by these banks are also relatively lower than several commercial banks as this allows them to attract more large scale industries. When it comes to taking loans in quantities of lakhs of crores, even having 0.01% less interest rate can make a loan feel like a bargain for industries. This also promotes them to expand and further develop the market and economy of the nation in the good spirit of market competition.

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